A downloadable game for Windows

Bear & Butcher is a boss rush bullet hell. You play as Bear (Jack), a closeted gay male who is trying to escape a family reunion to meet up with his lesbian friend Butcher (Alexa). The bosses are your homophobic family members, and the bullets are the harmful words that they casually say to you. However, in this bullet hell, and like in most family reunions, you can’t fight back. Instead, you have to have a thick skin and dodge bullets until you’ve run out the clock enough to make a graceful exit.

This game is meant to be completed in one short session.

Install instructions

Download the zip file and extract it. Make sure to keep the folder ending in _Data and the UnityPlayer.dll file in the same folder as the executable. Run the executable and enjoy!


Bear and Butcher 1.0.zip 26 MB


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