A downloadable game for Windows

In this 2D story-based game, you are a traveler who has ventured far and wide across the land. You stop by a farm, and are faced with a decision...

Hint: It's not over until you see "Thanks for Playing!"

Install instructions

Download the zip file and extract it. Make sure to keep the folder ending in _Data and the UnityPlayer.dll file in the same folder as the executable. Run the executable and enjoy!


Happy Farm Time 1.3.zip 31 MB


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I didn't expect much from this game when I downloaded it, but I ended up enjoying it a lot!

For other players: don't forget the tip at the top of the page!

game crashed on me.  Looked interesting but got a Fatal Error message.

you hit the red box exit then you talk to the farmer again and again and again until you see another fatal message that says thanks for playing

Nothing negative. All positive xD.

Thank you so much!! I'm very glad that you liked the game!

I get an error saying that "UnityPlayer.dll was not found" which prevents the game from running.

Whoops! I had to make an edit quickly for 1.1, forgot to include the file in the zip. 1.2 is now up, and that should be fixed now! Sorry for the inconvenience!